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Michael Soares is an elite personal trainer, health coach, and entrepreneur. He is a former collegiate basketball player who holds a degree in exercise science and enjoys helping everyone “find their inner athlete” regardless of age. Soares is the founder of the world's first virtual gym, New Human, and is a Tier 3+ trainer at Equinox. Soares has trained people from diverse backgrounds-- from children to professional athletes to Olympians. Soares also holds certifications in ISSA, Pre/Post Natal, and Precision Nutrition LVL 1.

From Injury To Hope

A glimmer of hope and care. Early in his athletic career, Soares suffered from an injury in high school and ultimately thought his athletic career was over. His dedicated trainer at the time helped him rehabilitate from his injury and get him back on the court. Soares states, “I wanted to be that hope for other people. You never know who will steer you down a certain path. Sometimes it is a teacher, mentor, or parent.” In this case, an athletic trainer gave Soares his path. Initially wanting to train pro athletes and currently doing so primarily, he has found that it is the general population that has the most "passion" for reaching their goals. “When we look at the general population and how one sets goals, we often find people doing whatever it takes to get there. For me specifically, I do not stop until that goal is met, while also always elevating that goal to the next level.”  As a 40-year-old father, he wants to make sure he is healthy enough to see his daughter grow up, and this is a huge goal that keeps him motivated.

More Than Just A Coach

Starting to play basketball only about a year before high school, Soares made a connection with his freshman year coach and health teacher. ”Mr. Ryan took me in and taught me so much.” The commitment and embrace of a coach and teacher can be life-changing so much that it affects choices and decisions. Soares credits Mr. Ryan as the one who spiked his interest in anatomy and how to live a healthy life.

The Heart That Taught A Lesson

When asking Soares about a turning point in his life or when he learned his most valuable lessons, he speaks about his father, who was hospitalized for high blood pressure. “He has always had heart problems, so this was a huge turning point in my life and my family's life.” No doubt, seeing a loved one in the hospital makes one want to do everything one can to help. He took his father's hospitalization as a chance to learn as much as he could to help not only his family but also the clients he trains. Seeing his family and clients becoming the best and healthiest version of themselves gives him the motivation and drive to be the best trainer he can. When asked what he would do differently if he had to start over again, Soares simply replies, “Nothing-- everything I have done so far has brought me here, and I am super happy.” This seems to be a recurring theme for many entrepreneurs. This seems to be what makes entrepreneurs so unique: we do not look back, but instead embrace every step we have taken as a part of our journey.

His advice for any young trainer is simple: “Become coachable. You never know what you can learn from someone else.” Learning from everyone around you only makes you better be in tune with those around you. Embrace knowledge. Connect with Soares on his social media pages.

Personal Page: @moares3
Fitness Page: @new_human

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