Parsa Shahidi, From Engineering, Technology To Healthcare

Parsa Shahidi Is a Co-Founder, Biomedical Engineer, Technologist, and future Healthcare Provider-his goal is to make meaningful impacts on society and serve those around me. He is currently the Co-Founder and COO of Pangissimo, an audio technology company that has developed the market's first portable, modular and magnetic sound systems. He has had the privilege of leading their strategy and partnerships while disrupting the audio-tech market and redesigning the music listening experience. Through his experiences at Pangissimo, Shahidi had the good fortune of winning 1st place in a venture competition (among 132 teams). He was featured on the American Journal of Innovation and Boston Business Journal for emerging technologies and delivered our innovative audio technology solutions to customers worldwide. As he embarks on his future journey and works towards earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, he is incredibly passionate about his next challenge at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology innovation, and healthcare. You can catch Shahidi in his spare time playing pickup basketball, working out, or playing guitar. As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and super-fan of the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots, He enjoys watching his favorite teams win alongside my family and friends.

How did you get started on your path?

Early in my Junior year of Undergrad at Boston University College of Engineering, while pursuing a minor in the Business School, I took a class designed for engineering students interested in business. Our Professor for this class is amazing and taught us an interactive way that played on his vast experience as a successful business person. Our founding team members at Pangissimo met in this class, and quickly after officially forming Pangissimo, we won acceptance into a university venture and innovation fund. I am grateful that we are still able to work together as we scale Pangissimo, and to this day- our Professor from this class serves as a critical strategic advisor for our leadership. Most importantly, my family's support to take on new challenges and the pre-exposure to entrepreneurship and business I had while growing up certainly played a significant role in my path.

Why did you choose your current path/ what inspired you to take that path?

As engineers, we are trained to break problems down into their individual parts, solve each of those parts, and piece them back together. With this collaborative approach, I aim to tackle the challenges and pressing questions of the Dental industry. I always wanted to be involved in a career that could grant me an opportunity to contribute positively to society while pursuing my passion for business, healthcare, and technology innovation. Luckily, my family consists of engineers, healthcare providers, and entrepreneurs, and I was able to be exposed to several industries and, most importantly, dentistry. I immediately became obsessed with Dentistry's core values and missions but envisioned myself pushing the boundaries of technology innovation, digital health, and management in Dentistry. As I pursue my DMD and, ultimately, a specialty in Oral and Facial Surgery, I am tremendously excited to serve patients directly through an interdisciplinary and multi-functional lens. It is an opportune time to express my gratitude to all the healthcare personal and essential workers who have epitomized the meaning of selflessness throughout these unprecedented times.

Name a significant influence in your life, and what did you learn from them?

My most significant influence is undoubtedly my family- my father, my mother, and my older brother. From an early age and a family filled with engineers and entrepreneurs, I learned a great deal about business, entrepreneurship, and practical communication skills through merely listening in on conversations my father had while running his business- absorbing as much as I possibly could. Through all the twists and turns that come with successfully leading and managing a business, I learned precious lessons that I will carry with me for my entire lifetime. The notion that we should approach life with a "Do it Right- or Don't Do it All" mentality ignites a competitive force inside of us that helps in providing direction and persistence, and serves as the driving force in what we do. Outside of the core business skills I developed through their teachings, I learned the significance of operating a business with a high level of respect, integrity, and dedication. I am lucky that while growing up, there was a perpetual habit of continuously brainstorming new business ideas and ventures, which deepened my entrepreneurial spirit and ambitions.

Name a significant moment or turning point in your life that taught you a valuable lesson.

Stay open to and willing to adapt. I have learned that not diverging from your comfort zone or "expertise," which I always thought was a rule of thumb, narrows your perspective and your opportunities. At the start of this very unprecedented SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, we all experienced first hand that society's priories shift to reflect their current state of mind. It taught me that the most successful businesses and leaders need to maintain a fluid-like business practice that can seamlessly pivot to serve society under any circumstances. Just as President JFK said- "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

If you had to start over again, what would you do differently?

Growing your team is lucrative for scaling and excelling in different aspects of a business. Early on, as a young entrepreneur, it is natural to want to take on every role on your own. Search for the right individuals who share the same vision and bring value to your company, and you will see the impact in your daily business operations.

If you were starting today, what piece of advice would you wish you were given?

If you have an idea or project that you believe is promising and motivates you- start by talking to industry professionals to get honest and critical feedback. Using their experience and wisdom to help guide you in the right direction is extremely valuable. My personal advice is to let your competitive spirit drive you and pair that with persistence, and you will see results. Putting yourself out there to fail is the best thing you can do- you will learn from a great deal from each of those experiences, mistakes, and decisions that shape the person and entrepreneur you become.

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