Videographer And His Dream Job at Fenway Park

Kellan Reck has over 15 years of experience in the video production field as the head videographer for the Boston Red Sox. He has earned 5 New England Emmy awards in his time with the team. When he is not creating content at Fenway Park, Kellan helps small businesses and entrepreneurs work to expand their reach by creating their digital content. Kellan has amassed over 500,000 of his online followers across various social media platforms.

The Content Guy

Early on, Reck was the friend recording everything. It was a means of expression for him. He found something special in taking a camera or phone out and filming everything around him. In the beginning, it seemed annoying or even a burden, but looking back, he was glad he captured those moments. “I knew early on that I wanted to pursue video production as a career,” Reck stated. In 2013, he began working part-time for the Boston Red Sox. It was their World Series win that had Reck hooked to sports. The Boston University graduate of film/ television production stayed with the team and took a full-time role in 2015.

FT. MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 19: Boston  Red Sox photo day at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL.  (Photo by Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox)

Discovering The Passion

Many people spend time working the standard 9-5, and Reck knew that he did not want that lifestyle as he discovered early on that his passion was content creation-- recording and creating stories through visual means. As the saying goes, “if you are doing something you truly love, you never work a day in your life.”  This statement couldn't be more true for Reck.  “If I could spend every day doing that, I wouldn’t work a day in my life. And sure enough, that’s what I went on to do.” I am a firm believer that when you do something you genuinely love, it never really feels like work. That's the beauty of being a creator and falling totally in love with your work. Some go their whole lives looking for that passion.

Peter McKinnon is a budding YouTuber who entered the space in 2017. The style of videos he was putting out inspired Reck to start a channel himself. His general day-to-day involves a team of 6-10 on game day recording, reviewing, and editing footage, having some of that footage up on social media within minutes of it happening. After four years of working full time for the Boston Red Sox, Reck began looking for another outlet for his work. He needed the means to create content anytime. Inspired by Peter Mckinnon’s style of videos, Reck built his audience of 50,000 subscribers, which is growing. It is always admirable to see people who create YouTube videos that are wholly invested and, most importantly, consistent. It is no easy feat, and the fact that Reck was inspired by a YouTuber and set out to build his audience is remarkable and commendable.

FT. MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 19: Boston  Red Sox photo day at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL.  (Photo by Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox)

The Year 2020

When asked about a valuable lesson Reck has learned this year, he responded, “Honestly, 2020 has been a major turning point in my life. I’m sure many share this answer nowadays. Before this year, a lot of things felt secure-- income, job status, and more. 2020 has taught me that nothing is permanent.” Although unsure whether sports would happen this year, Reck has been lucky to retain his job despite COVID 19 putting a damper on this year's baseball season. He talked significantly about finding new ways to perform his job and how he's doing much more creative work at home. Reck has even reignited his love for music and his music career.  Reck was a former acapella singer in college, and while he put his music career on the back burner for about five years, he is now using TikTok as a way to reach people and build a fan base. Reck and his roommate began singing on TikTok and currently have about 350,000 followers. The two are set to release a single on all streaming platforms in the coming weeks. It is safe to say that this year has been a crazy one, but it has led to some great opportunities for Kellan. His demanding work schedule kept him from completing the goal of building an online course for digital content creation. With COVID affecting the distribution of his time, he has now since completed this goal.

Reck is an individual who has enjoyed the way life has played out for him and is undoubtedly an inspiration to many. Though he wished he began his YouTube channel and pushing out music sooner, he is now working his dream job and loving life. When asked about what he would have told himself at the beginning of his career, he responded, “If I were starting into the world of content creation today, I’d tell myself to be consistent and keep working. If you can just stay consistent in creating, you’ll develop your skills and learn so much more. It’s the times when you break for too long that you lose momentum. If you can get the ball rolling and keep it rolling, you’ll find that success piles up faster and faster.”

The best places to connect with Kellen are Instagram, YouTube  and TikTok. Be sure to connect to Kellen either its baseball content, singing or YouTube be tutorials you wont want to miss out on what he has to offer.

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