When Wellness Meets Design

Aubrey Lambalot is a real estate investor who is taking the interior design space by storm. She runs her own interior design company and a female entrepreneur mentoring program with her close friend. She is an advocate for healthy living and creating wellness in her life. She is married to her husband, whom she's been with since middle school-- true soulmates. Her passion for helping people in business, health, and in their homes took her 28 years, but she is clearly on the right path.

The First Buy

Lambalot purchased her first property in 2014 and did a complete renovation. It was that moment she truly fell in love with real estate and the entire process. Coming from the food industry, Aubrey knew that it was not the life she wanted to live. It gave her excellent skills and taught her time management, as well as how to work with people. The freedom of building something was the driving force for making a change.

Truly Loving What You Do

Lambalot simply has a passion for real estate investing and interior design. Growing up, she was always very creative and put her touch on everything she could. Buying her first house and designing how she desired allowed her to express her creativity. Aside from the passive income the industry can provide for her and showing her creativity, Lambalot loves to push the limits on creating homes. This is something that she strives for when working with clients or on her home projects.

Aubrey The Rebel

Labalot likes to think of herself as a rebel. She states, “I can't say I have an influence. I like to think of myself as a bit of a rebel, and I don't like to really follow what others do. So, I think that's why I never had one person who was that influential.”  She gets her work ethic from her father and always knew she wanted more out of life and would get more. Lambalot is unlike other entrepreneurs who have someone influential in their lives. This is an interesting perspective on chasing goals and dreams. “I knew I wouldn't stop until I made a million, so here I am-- on the road to a million.”

Life-Altering Moment

In 2018-2019, Lambalot and her brother became violently ill. Neither knew if he was going to survive. Thankfully, he did survive, but a change of thought, priority, and perceptive was in order. “It taught me that you don't have anything unless you have your health.” Diagnosed with Crohn's disease, she assumed she could not stay in the restaurant business and that she was never going to achieve her dreams. Leaving the security of a comfortable paycheck and routine that was ultimately making her unhappy was a considerable risk, but she took it and went into business for herself. “I wish it didn't take me getting sick to realize that I need just to do whatever the hell makes me happy.” Lambalot says,” Happiness is important and true happiness comes from within. It isn't always about money. Doing what brings you genuine joy makes everything worth it. Once you have satisfaction, the money will follow.” A piece of advice she wishes she was given is: “Don't think you have to have it all figured out straight out of high school or that you even have to go to college.” Jobs now are created because of the realization that they want their job to be something they genuinely love. In the culture of Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok, the word “job” can be used to describe an array of things. “Try anything and everything that you are interested in if you fail, good. Get back up and try again.”

For all of your interior designs tips, tricks, and suggestions connect with Aubrey on her Instagram @withaubrey

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